Eat, Drink and Be Forgiven

Molly explains the reality of college life—that you are surrounded by worldly ideas of happiness and fulfillment. She contrasts this to our reality in Christ, where we have the freedom to [...]

Pax Domini

Pax! That’s Latin for “peace”, which Rev. Borghardt points out is at the heart of the Divine Service. After all, forgiveness and everlasting life bring the truest peace we can [...]

Feel Free to Pass on the Good News!

Did you know that Lutherans were the first “evangelicals”? There’s a reason for that and Rev. Borghardt, in his gospelly way, launches our topical issue helping us to understand [...]

Absolution Is the Answer

There isn't a sin that Christ's blood can't cover and Absolution is God's way of making that crystal clear to us. Rev. Fenker reminds us that the forgiveness we are granted covers every thought, [...]

Unplanned Parenthood and the Abundance of God’s Grace

Karina's life turned upside down when she found out she was pregnant. Read how faithfully and tenderly her Father, through Jesus Christ, has cared for her and blessed her. He will be there for [...]

Scuba Diving for Sin

You don't need a license to scuba dive down into the depths of your own or someone else's shipwrecked collection of sins. The reality is we have a natural inclination to do so. The good news, [...]

Catechism: “Forgiven and Forgiving”

Rev. Cwirla, with robust clarity, unpacks the Fifth Petition of the Lord's Prayer and lays out the depths of God's forgiveness. Our Lord frees us up to forgive it forward!

Born Again Virgins

Sure, you've heard that your Savior, Jesus, makes everything new, but maybe you fear there's one exception: you. Rev. Snyder reassures us that even if we fall prey to sexual temptation, God can [...]

Lord I Forgive; Help Me in My Unforgiveness

With Star Wars overtones, Rev. Heinz assures us that our pastors, too, are in need of forgiveness, which is why they are so qualified to speak the words of absolution to us.

It Is Time to Go to Confession

Gulp. Who? Me, confess? Going to private confession can be scary. After all, you’re talking with your pastor about your sin, and that can be painful, and, well, awkward. [...]