The Eleventh Day of Christmas

Both, parents and children, rejoice to go the Lord's house together, receiving His forgiveness and living joyfully in that blessed gift.

The Fifth Day of Christmas

The love of a wife for her husband in an earthly marriage is a beautiful picture and reminder of this reality which Christ brought about when He came into this world.

They Testify of Christ

From Genesis to Malachi, Jesus is on every page of the Old Testament Scriptures. Rev. Buetow takes us on a tip-of-theiceberg tour through the OT, demonstrating how it points to the promise [...]

Merry Christmas From Above

Delve right into the spirit of Christmas as we recapture the magic of Rev. Borghardt’s impassioned, Christ-laden Gospel message from the Higher Things 2013 conferences.


Higher Things Magazine is now including poetry in our lineup. We hope to make this an occasional feature of the magazine, and invite you to enjoy two well-crafted entries.

Joy: The Serious Business of Narnia

Just when you thought you'd discovered all the layers of the Chronicles of Narnia, Rev. Schuldheisz delights us with yet another rich facet of C.S. Lewis' timeless fantasy series: joy.

Christmas in the Nicene Creed

A creed, by definition, is a statement of belief, but did you know that the Nicene Creed is also a wonderful summary of the heart of the Christmas story? Rev. Borghardt enthusiastically takes you [...]

Happy Holidays. You’re a Baboon.

That’s right.We said it.You’re a baboon.Actually, you’re not.The American Humanist Association said you were, but Pastor [...]

Myths of the Holy Spirit: Christmas Spirits

Who is the Holy Spirit? What is His role? And what on earth does He have to do with Christmas? To find out the answers to these questions as well as how the Holy Spirit works in you daily, turn [...]

Christmas: On the Earth

The Christmas narratives in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke are favorites of many. Pastor Borghardt explores one aspect of the story— the angels’ role in our [...]