Christ on Campus: Christendom on Campus

No matter where you go to college or end up going, there will probably come a time when the views of your professor are diametrically opposed to the values of your Christian [...]

Christ on Campus: Father May I?

While various forms of social media have been a positive development in many ways, they are certainly not without pitfalls. One of those traps is called the comparison [...]

Christ on Campus Dare to Be Lutheran: Challenged Accepted

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Fish Don’t Want to be Caught

Starting a college ministry in five easy steps! Not! And there's a reason this is unrealistic. Every campus is different but one thing generally remains the same: Students are not naturally [...]

Connected to Christ at College

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Christ on Campus: Let’s Get Started!

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The Big Choice: How Do I choose a College?

Rev. Zill's helpful and heartfelt advice will come in handy, whether your college decisions fell like they are breathing down your neck or all still a few years down the road.

Words, Words, Words

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Christ on Campus: About the Father’s Business

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