44: This Is The Catechism Prayerbook You’ve Been Looking for… part 1

This week, Gillespie and Riley discuss The Catechism Prayerbook and dig into Article Three of the Creed. Text: The Catechism Prayer Book, Third Article of the Creed, Part 1

So What Do I Do with My Life?

Have you figured out what you're doing after high school? Whether or not you think you have zeroed in on what your future career plans are, one thing is certain: As you are living your life in [...]

Farewell to Rev. Mark Buetow

HT staffers take a little time to show their affection for Rev. Buetow, who is stepping down from his official duties with HT as of August 1.

New Heavens. New Earth.

Eternal life isn't a floaty existence in a bland whiteness. Instead, Rev. Buetow declares, we'll be face to face with a flesh and blood Savior, including scars, and live in a paradise that we can [...]

Shaming the Shamers

We've all seen the FB posts expressing outrage-veiled or overt-about how so-and-so did such-and-such. Maybe we've made a few posts like that ourselves...c'mon...admit it! Rev. Buetow explains [...]

On Second Thought

Higher Things addresses concerns about the summer issue article "A Bruised Reed He Will Not Break."

Your Post-Confirmation Life

Yes, there is life after Confirmation. After all, that's the whole purpose of Confirmation...to equip you for your life as a child of God! Rev. Buetow will show you how invaluable what you [...]

They Testify of Christ

From Genesis to Malachi, Jesus is on every page of the Old Testament Scriptures. Rev. Buetow takes us on a tip-of-theiceberg tour through the OT, demonstrating how it points to the promise [...]

Dying and Rising from Above

No matter how brave you are, the thought of getting a shot for anything is not likely to be something you relish. There’s one inoculation, however, that you can rejoice [...]

A Little Bit of Latin Goes a Long Way

Let a little Latin fly and your friends will think you are an intellectual heavyweight. Well, perhaps that’s a bit of a stretch, but once [...]