Knowing Jesus

Do you really know Jesus? How do you know? Miss Teske shares a personal account about that very challenge someone once made to her and how it firmed up what she can confidently say about knowing [...]

Catechism: Hallowed Be Thy Name

Continuing in his backward trek through the Lord's Prayer, Rev. Cwirla clearly explains the First Petition and even manages to cleverly tie it into our theme of apologetics.

Christ on Campus: Evangel-less Christianity on Campus

College campuses are growing increasingly more secularized. This hasn't happened overnight. Mr. Parton explains this history but doesn't leave it there. By the time you are done reading, you will [...]

Islam, Muslims and the Gospel

Although you might hear a lot about the Muslim world by watching the evening news, you may no know what Islam really teaches. And because it is an ever-growing religion, and Christians in other [...]

Answering the Knock

Mormons aren't naive young men in white shirts riding their bicycles around your neighborhood. They have been intensely trained to defend THEIR faith, so it is vital for you to know what YOU [...]

Rev. Mark Jasa: Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Apologetics is a way of life for Pastor Mark Jasa. As you read about God's crystal-clear faithfulness in his life, you'll gain an appreciation for those in campus ministries like University [...]

Text, Typos and Transmission: Why You Can Trust the New Testament

When critics attack the Christian faith, one of the first areas they will zero in on is the New Testament. After all, they say, it's full of errors and we don't have the originals. Rev. Pierson, [...]