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The Mother of God: How Lutherans Are to Regard Mary!

A Higher Things Youth Retreat

February 2-3, 2018

Join us in Chatfield as we consider what Martin Luther, Martin Chemnitz, and the Lutheran Confessions have to say about St. Mary and about saints in general! Pastor Stuckwisch will discuss how we, as Lutherans do not worship the saints, but instead remember and honor them, benefit and learn from them, and give thanks to God for His gifts of these men and women who have gone before us in Christ Jesus. Attendees will learn we are to follow the example of their faith and life within our own vocations and stations in life, even as we are likewise strengthened in our faith and life by the example of God’s mercy toward them. With them, we do not die, but live in Christ forever!

Rev. Dr. D. Richard Stuckwisch is the pastor of Emmaus Lutheran Church in South Bend, IN, where he has served since 1996. He and his wife, LaRena, have been married for 32 Years. They have ten children, and seven grandchildren.

When: February 2-3, 2018
Where: St. Paul Ev. Lutheran Church, Chatfield, Minnesota
Cost: $40 per person
Contact:St. Paul Ev Lutheran Church, Judy Goldsmith, (507) 867-4604
Or Patrick Sturdivant | Higher Things Retreat Coordinator | | (888) 482-6630

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