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The Christian Conscience

A Higher Things® Youth Retreat

April 20-21, 2018

Hosted by:
Immanuel Lutheran Church
305 2nd Ave NE Hankinson, ND 58041

What is the conscience? How does the devil work in our conscience? And, how does the Holy Spirit work to train and comfort the conscience? Join us in Hankinson where we will explore the Biblical teaching of the conscience, what affects it, what hurts it, and how the Lord Jesus intends to give us a clean, clear, good and joyful conscience through the Gospel.

Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller is a pastor of Hope Lutheran Church in Aurora, CO, he is the co-host of Table Talk Radio, teacher of the video Bible study Grappling with the Text, author of Has American Christianity Failed? (CPH, 2016), and publisher of the Everyone’s Luther series. He hosts theological adventure travel with trips upcoming to Germany, Greece, and Spain, and likes to wander around talking about the joyful distinction between Law and Gospel. (Come on!) Bryan and Keri and their four children live in Aurora, CO.

$50 per person covers all expenses for the retreat at Immanuel, including all classes, food, activities, and lodging at the church. Boys and girls will be housed separated throughout the church. There are no shower facilities, bathrooms are located throughout the church. Attendees should bring sleeping bags and pillows. The retreat will begin at 6pm on Friday and end at 4pm on Saturday. Download registration forms for this retreat at or by contacting Tana McKenna to send you a registration packet.

Register for this retreat online at Groups may pay securely online or bring your registration payments to Immanuel Lutheran church. Or just bring everything with you when you arrive for the retreat! Please RSVP for this retreat by April 13, 2018.

Higher Things is a Recognized Service Organization of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. Its mission is to help parents, pastors, and congregations promote a Lutheran identity among youth. Higher Things accomplishes this through conferences, retreats, and various print and online media. For more information about Higher Things, please visit or contact Sandra Ostapowich, Higher Things Conference Executive.

Retreat Contacts:
Tana McKenna
Retreat Coordinator (701) 308-0411

Patrick Sturdivant
Higher Things Retreat Coordinator (888) 482-6630

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