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His Blood is Life

A Higher Things ® Youth Retreat

March 16, 2018

Hosted by:
Redeemer Lutheran Church
Rev. David Saar
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

“My Body, given for you; My blood, shed for you.” With these words, Jesus, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, gives to us a life-giving gift, a meal of salvation and a medicine of immortality. The Sacrament of the Altar isn’t just one part of a longer church service  or something we do once in awhile. It’s not just a ritual there for us to go through the motions. The Lord’s Supper is the center of our life as Christians. It’s a gift that has many promises attached. Just like you need to eat regular food every day to survive, so you need the food of Jesus’ body and blood often! Join us as we see how God has used blood throughout the history of His people to point to Jesus. We’ll hear how Jesus’ own blood delivers us from sin and death and how His body and blood given with the bread and wine, are our very life.

Pastor Mark Buetow serves as Associate Pastor and School Director at Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church and School in McHenry, Illinois. He is married with three children (two grown up and the third almost grown up). In his spare time, Pastor Buetow enjoys good Mexican food, Chicago pizza, and  tabletop gaming of all kinds.

When: March 16, 2018

Where: Redeemer Lutheran Church, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Cost: $30CAD

Rev. David Saar || (519) 323-6992
or email Patrick Sturdivant | Higher Things Retreat Coordinator |

RSVP: via online registration at Eventbrite

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