Daily Lectionary: Isaiah 30:15-26; Revelation 2:1-29

For thus says the LORD GOD, the Holy One of Israel: “In repentance and rest you will be saved; In quietness and trust shall be your strength. But you would not…” (Isaiah 30:15)

In the Name + of Jesus. Amen. God wants to save you. He wants to be your God, and He wants you to be His child. He has always wanted to save you. He planned since the Garden of Eden to send Jesus to crush the serpent’s head for you. He worked out all of history to bring about Christmas, and then Good Friday, and then Easter. He’s been planning and working to save you since before the creation of the world.

How can I be so sure that God wants to save you? I know that a lot of religious people like to say that God’s ways are mysterious. They are only half right. It is true that His hidden thoughts are only known to Him. Only God understands the whos and the whats and the whys of what God does. That is in the hidden will of God.

Christmas is how I know God wants to save you. Good Friday is how I know He loves you. Easter is how I know—how you know—that all your sins are forgiven. The Scriptures proclaim how God loved you in the giving up of His Son (John 3:16). They testify that He was crucified for your sins and raised for your forgiveness” (Romans 4:25).

God’s will is hidden unless He reveals it. He has revealed it in His Son. Jesus is the revealed will of God. In Jesus, we see how God is toward us. In Jesus, we see how God saves us. In Jesus, we see how God has worked all of history out so that we would be His child.

Outside of Jesus, God seems coldly indifferent. Rain falls on the just and the unjust. Bad things happen to good people and evil people seem to just win in this world. It’s as if He doesn’t care!

But you aren’t outside Christ! You are of Christ, and Christ is of God (1 Corinthians 3:23). You have been died for, you have been bought, you have been redeemed, so that you might be child of God. You are clothed with Christ in Baptism. You eat and drink the very Bread of Life at His Supper. When God sees you, He only sees what His Son did for you.

Sure, you can reject Him. The children of Israel certainly did. Repeatedly. They would have been saved in repentance and the rest of the Gospel, but they wanted to live for themselves. You can do that, too. But why? You are baptized! You are forgiven! God has shown you His Will and Dr. Luther says that His Will is “good and gracious.” He wants to save you from you. His quietness and trust shall be your strength. His repentance and faith will rescue you from your death. He will save you. In the Name + of Jesus. Amen.

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