Current Shows:

As Lutheran As It Gets delves deep into the deep tracks, B-sides, and basement tapes of our Lutheran fathers. As Lutheran As It Gets is hosted by Rev. Donavon Riley with Rev. Christopher Gillespie interrupting the monologue and producing.

Gospeled Boldly is a Higher Things podcast hosted by Rev. Eric Brown and Thomas Lemke. This podcast focuses on Bible Study.

Previous Shows:

Higher Things Radio®

Join Pastor George Borghardt and sidekick Jon Kohlmeier each week in their latest and greatest project. 342 episodes of goodness!

The HT Simulcast is a no-holds-barred, buckle-in, undiluted Gospel dispensing Higher Things Lutheran podcast. Really. We totally know what we’re doing.

The HT Simulcast ended its spectacular run of 80 episodes and transformed into As Lutheran As It Gets.

Listen in as Chris Hull and Aaron Fenker sit down at the virtual table to talk shop as sinners called by Jesus to pastor sinners.