Catechism: Liturgical Catechesis – Introit

Rev. Cwirla continues to demonstrate that there is not a single wasted moment in the historic liturgy. Everything has a purpose, and that includes the Introit, which helps to set the scene for [...]

What If We Started Talking?

Social media has created a lot of opportunities to talk…some positive and some not so much. Emma demonstrates that some of the best exchanges come when we talk to those right around us, [...]

I’m Yours, Lord!

The sign of the cross is one of the most ancient, yet simple traditions in the Christian Church. Katie makes the case that it just might be something you want to practice as a visible reminder [...]

Anxiety and the Sacraments

Whether you are plagued by anxiety or only occasionally grapple with it, Emilyann shares some of her own struggles with anxiety and how she has realized that there’s no doubt the Sacraments serve [...]

Sing a Hymn at Satan

I’d like to dedicate this song to…Satan! Well, not exactly, but believe it or not, there are a few hymns in our liturgical arsenal that specifically address the devil himself. Rev. Ulm reminds [...]

Theology: Gotta Love It!

Theology is not reserved for your pastor, a seminary student or that really smart kid in your youth group who’s just nerdy that way. Rev. Castillero explains theology is for YOU—a baptized child [...]

How Baptized Are You?

What an odd question! Either you’re baptized or you’re not, right? As Rev. Goodman points out, we live in an era where the world tries to measure everything on an emotional scale, even our [...]

My Hiding Place: Christ Is for Me

It’s been one of those days and you feel lower than whale spit. You might even wonder if God is on your side. Rev. Borghardt passionately declares that, for the sake of Jesus, the Father always [...]

Jesus for You, Jesus Through You

Rev. Goodman assures us that our callings aren't about us, they are about Jesus for us, and therefore He equips us in every way, despite our weaknesses.

Catechism: Three Orders: Table of Duties

Rev. Cwirla walks us through the Table of Duties found in our handy dandy Small Catechism, explaining how vocation is worked out in three overlapping spheres designed to work together, to the [...]