WIN – Ep. 8: Kyrie Eleison (O Lord, Have Mercy)

This week on WIN, Pastor Aaron Fenker backtracks to talk about the Kyrie Eleison.

WIN – Ep. 7: Jesus’ Life for You

Today on Worship in a Nutshell, Pr. Fenker teaches us about the Church Year and how our lives model [...]

WIN – Ep. 6: Colors Mean Jesus

This week on Worship in a Nutshell, Pastor Aaron Fenker shows us that the colors in church point to Jesus.

WIN – Ep. 5: Christmas and More Every Week

"Glory be to God on High!" Pastor Fenker teaches us the gifts found in the Glory of the Divine Service.

WIN – Ep. 4: Psalms, Psalms Everywhere

The Psalms are everywhere in our worship. They are the prayers and praises of the Old Testament saints of God.

WIN – Ep. 3: The Doors Are Open

Pastor Aaron Fenker teaches us about Confession and Absolution in the Divine Service. In Absolution, the doors of Heaven are open to us.

WIN – Ep. 2: Baptismal Bookends

In Episode 2 of Worship in a Nutshell, Pr. Aaron Fenker teaches us that the Invocation and [...]

WIN – Ep. 1: Introduction

Today, Higher Things re-visits Pastor Aaron Fenker's 2015 series, "Worship in a Nutshell." In this introduction he takes a look at worship in the Old Testament and New Testament.

WIN – Ep. 16: Prayer

This week on Worship in a Nutshell, Pastor Fenker teaches us about prayer and how God promises to hear and [...]

WIN – Ep. 15: Tithing for Your Neighbor

In the Offering we think that we can finally give our gifts to the Lord. The Lord doesn't need our gifts. Your [...]