We’re all tempted, just not in the same ways

Everyone experiences temptation, though not all in the same manner. It's easy to understand people who sin like you sin. It's harder to have compassion on those who experience different [...]

WIN – Ep. 15: Tithing for Your Neighbor

In the Offering we think that we can finally give our gifts to the Lord. The Lord doesn't need our gifts. Your [...]

Small Catechism Tuesday #Ep11 – The Fifth Commandment

A weekly quick take on Luther's Small Catechism. This week we take a look at the commandment that deals with God's good gift of the body.

Mondays in the Psalter – Psalm 126: The Lord’s Gift of Laughter

There are so many reasons not to be joyful in this world, but we have the promise that as God's children whose sins are covered by Jesus we will be filled with laughter and joy when Christ [...]

HT Video Catechism – Ep. 4: The Second Commandment

This week Pr. Buetow goes through the Second Commandment and its meaning as found in Luther's Small Catechism. In the Second Commandment God gives us his name to call upon in every trouble.

Lead us not into temptation – this is not a fair fight

We pray "lead us not into temptation" because the odds are stacked against us, and nobody could avoid or resist temptation on our own, but this is not a fair fight. God fights for us, and lets [...]

WIN – Ep. 14: Taking the Cup of Salvation

This week on WIN, Pr. Fenker teaches us about The Offertory which comes from the book of Psalms.