The Church’s One Foundation

This image of Christ and the Church has been stuck in my head for a while now. It is a wonderful image to think about- that Christ gave up the glory of heaven to come down to earth to redeem [...]

Jesu Juva: Theological Competence Makes Musical Genius

While it certainly is true that Johann Sebastian Bach stands as a giant in the musical world, it is also true that he stands on the shoulders of the theologians from the German Reformation [...]

José y Maria

In 2014, the graphic novelist, Everette Patterson, of Portland Oregon decided to do a Christmas card in the vein of the graphic novel pioneer Will Eisner, "who so often depicted, with religious [...]

It’s Coming: The Tale of Two Advents

It's coming! We have waited 32 years for it, but the events and characters in the fictional Star Wars galaxy will finally have their next chapter revealed. Fans of all ages can share the thrill [...]

Christ Rising

For the Christian, resurrection to life with the Triune God is no mere hobby. Our resurrection in Christ is part of God's essential Truth, given us to walk in daily by faith.

The Father’s Heavenly Embrace

In this painting, The Prodigal Son (1924), Giorgio de Chirico revisits one of his favorite themes, a motif he first drew in 1917 as the "Great War" was coming to an end, and first painted in [...]

Straight Outta Compton – Movie Review

The Prophets of the Old Testament held up the ugly reality of this world where frankly there won't ever be any real peace. They also pointed to the promises of God, to Jesus Christ who did not [...]

It’s just a pair of boots

It's just a pair of boot, leather and wood. Black leather with a little white stitching. They fit well and will offer many miles of taking the path less traveled.

The Good Shepherd Calls His Sheep from the Kalahari Cattle Herds

"A Good Shepherd" is typical of John's style of linocut. It looks a bit primitive, and yet his play on black and white would not only carry a subtly sophisticated commentary on life amidst [...]

Kicking Against the Goads of Christ

For when they persecute you for his names sake, they kick against the goads of Christ their Lord and Savior who carried the cross also for them, and calls them to repentance.