What’s Jesus doing?

What’s Jesus doing? Obviously He didn’t get the memo. Someone call the bouncers before He gets past John and jumps into that water! This is no way to start your ministry Jesus! After all, you’re [...]

Bread-of-Life Jesus

What's God done for you? Well, what's Bread-of-Life Jesus done for you? EVERYTHING! Died for you. Rose for you. Salvation forever for you. What have all the things we want really done for us? [...]

The Breaking of the Bread

So, here He is again. Your Savior, in the breaking of the bread. Given and shed for you. And you'll run back home today declaring, "The Lord IS risen! And we knew Him in the breaking of the bread [...]

You’re In

In Christ, you're always God's beloved. In Christ, you're Gospeled. In Christ, you're Baptized. In Christ, you're bodied and bloodied. In Christ, there's no more crumbs for little dog-Gentile [...]

Invited to the Feast

He sets a place at His eternal feast for you. He has dressed you, He has called you into His presence, and He places before you His gifts—gifts to receive in joy, gifts that make you merry with [...]

The Lamb

Take, eat the Body of the slain Lamb of God. Eat the Lamb's Body. Be forgiven. Receive His sacrifice in the Bread of Life. Take, drink the cup. Receive His Blood shed on the Cross. Drink the [...]

Jesus, the Greater Elijah

Through a morsel of bread and a sip of wine, He feeds you with His very own Body and Blood in the Sacrament of the Altar, that you may eat and drink and not die, but live. Oh, you're ready to [...]

Life and Food to the Lifeless

One day, you will die and your death will be mourned-at least, for a little while...at least, until your Father stands over the bed where your lifeless body lays. And in a moment, in the [...]

Crawling into Lent

Temptation, even for our Lord, the sinless Son of God, is no easy business. Forty days without food, three times tempted, despite the devil's flight, Jesus must have been sapped. St. Matthew [...]

Wedding Jesus

You won't find the words of institution in John's Gospel. You won't read Jesus say, "take and eat," and "take and drink," which seems strange for a gospel that starts with the words, "In the [...]