Wars and Rumors of War

I woke up this morning to more reports of violence. More terrorism over the weekend, another mass shooting, places still devastated by natural disasters. Seems to be what we wake up to entirely [...]

Inauguration: A New Day?

Oaths. Traditions. Formalities. Ceremonies. Parades. Today we witnessed a new president taking the oath of office, and the peaceful transition between two presidents, two vice-presidents, and two [...]

O, Give Thanks to The Lord!

This year, then, maybe before the first guests arrive or while you're on your way to whomever is hosting the Thanksgiving meal, check out Psalms 113-118: the Hallel Psalms, the Psalms of praise [...]

Not a Crust of Bread

The dust has begun to settle on Election Day 2016. Your preferred candidate may or may not have emerged victorious. You may be elated or depressed. You may not care at all. But regardless of your [...]

Idols and Politics

So, whatever your thoughts or reactions to this election happen to be, flee from idols. Rather, remember that God rules this world, but also that He has won for you abundant salvation in Christ [...]