The Divine Service: Benediction

The scorching heat and sand of the desert wasteland became more bearable than staying with Sarai, her mistress, whom she fled. As she found respite in a spring of water, the Lord found her. And [...]

The Divine Service: Nunc Dimittis

The day Israel longed for had come. The promised Salvation had now appeared in the flesh and rested in the arms of Simeon. In his arms, Simeon received the great Alpha and the Omega, the [...]

The Night Will Soon Be Ending

As I perused the Advent hymns looking for something to write about this month, this hymn caught my attention. Its plaintive melody is similar to other Advent hymns and evokes a contemplative mood [...]

The Divine Service: The Creed

What do you believe? In the Divine Service we confess what we believe using the words of the Apostle’s creed. We proclaim the truths of Scripture. But, why do you believe?

The Divine Service: Thy Strong Word

For three years I walked past the statue. Although my schedule varied from day to day, it was almost impossible to get anywhere on campus without coming into contact with the statue. So, nearly [...]