Books Every College Student Should Read

INTRODUCTION TO THE CHRISTIAN FAITH Mere Christianity, C. S. Lewis (Touchstone/Simon & Schuster, rev. ed., first published in 1952, 1996). Amazon On Being a Christian: A Personal Confession, [...]

Exploring the ‘Sanctified’ Conference Hymn- Part 6

Gone the bliss of Eden’s garden, gone the age of sacrifice; ours the time of grace and favor, ours, the call to paradise! Ever, Lord, impress upon us: only You can cover sin – take [...]

On Being “Simul” New Software on Old Hardware

Have you ever tried running new software on an old computer? I have. I have a seven year-old laptop—my trusty old road warrior. I’ve replaced the keyboard, the hard disk, and the logic board, [...]

Exploring the ‘Sanctified’ Conference Hymn- Part 5

Taste and see the bliss of heaven known by saints around the throne, where the Lamb, in closest union, lives to love and feed His own. From His riven side forever flows the purest stream of love, [...]

Exploring the ‘Sanctified’ Conference Hymn- Part 4

Lamb of God, once slain for sinners, Host, who spreads this meal divine, here You pledge our sins are covered, pledge received in bread and wine: “Take and eat; this is My body, given on [...]

Hung Up on the Law

Hear the Law in all of its ferocity! You have nothing to fear, though, for Christ has borne its requirements and punishment on your behalf, just as Rev. Buetow shows us.

Exploring the ‘Sanctified’ Conference Hymn- Part 3

What these sacrifices promised from a God who sought to bless, came at last – a second Adam – Priest and King of righteousness: son of God, incarnate Savior, son of Man, both Christ [...]

The Divine Service: The Gospel of Leviticus

Seven miles they walked with Him. And, in that journey, the incarnate Word of God opened their eyes to the One of whom the Law and the prophets spoke. The Key of David unlocked the Scriptures and [...]

In The Midst of Death We Live

“Your mother was in an accident, and is at the hospital in critical condition.”  Those were words I never expected to hear. Yet, at noon on Tuesday, October 17th, 2017, that’s exactly what my [...]

Exploring the ‘Sanctified’ Conference Hymn- Part 2

Days and months and years unfolding clearly showed what sin had wrought: fallen Adam’s children learning lessons fallen parents taught. All these sacrificial offerings crested as a crimson [...]