Christmas Slogans vs. Flesh and Blood Jesus

Rev. Mark Buetow It’s that time of year again: Advent, the time when Christians around the world complain that the culture is taking over Christmas by putting up decorations after Halloween, [...]

The Watchmen on the Heights Are Crying

The fact of the matter is that there is always enough cross to go around. There is always enough life to be given, for Christ is the One who gives. So, live. In your baptism rejoice, and live. As [...]

Advent 101 – The Season

by the Rev. William Cwirla The church year in the West begins with with a preparatory season called “Advent.”  The word “advent” comes from the Latin word adventus, meaning “appearing” or [...]

No Room for Him to Park

He who worked the church could not find a parking place. The parking lot had more cars than he was ever used to seeing. What had he forgotten and why was his usual spot taken? Then, the [...]

The Night Will Soon Be Ending

As I perused the Advent hymns looking for something to write about this month, this hymn caught my attention. Its plaintive melody is similar to other Advent hymns and evokes a contemplative mood [...]

Where Did Advent Go?

So where did Advent go? Well, it didn’t go anywhere. It’s still here. Because Advent isn’t about decorating trees or not. And it’s not about baking cookies or waiting. It’s not about any of that. [...]

Advent 101 – Fasting

Advent is a fasting season.  Fasting is a “fine outward discipline,” according to the Small Catechism.  While it does not commend us before God nor is it to be seen by others (Mt 6:16), fasting [...]

What’s Jesus Doing in the Water?

Vicar Aaron Fenker

Sola Scriptura: It’s Really About Jesus

We look to Scripture because of Jesus. All of scripture points to Jesus and confesses Jesus. Pastor Fenker continues our look at the Solas with Sola Scriptura.

No sola goes Alone

by The Rev. George Borghardt “Sola” means “alone.” Solus Christus. Sola gratia. Sola fide. Sola scriptura. Christ alone, Grace alone. Faith alone. Scripture alone.  But no sola ever goes [...]