What’s The Reformation All About Anyway?

So, when you hear the Gospel reading from John 8 appointed for Reformation Sunday telling you that you are free in Jesus don't be filled with pride and arrogance and look down on others who are [...]

Episode 334: Technology, Parenting, and Reformation Services

[ download ] Pastor Borghardt and Stan Lemon talk about the things that are important to them. This week that includes new Apple technology, Reformation Services, Parenting advice and the World [...]

WIN – Ep. 12: The Creed

Today on Worship in a Nutshell, Pr. Aaron Fenker teaches us about why we confess the creed and the creeds that we have in the Christian Church.  

Three Wrong Ways to Look the Reformation (and One Right Way)

The echoes of A Mighty Fortress are still ringing from this week’s Reformation celebration in the Lutheran Church. This year was a special anniversary—500 years since Martin Luther nailed his 95 [...]

The Purpose of Hymns during the Reformation: Part 1

An important part of this spread lies in the rich vernacular hymn tradition of the Lutheran Church; a tradition that Luther himself started by composing many new German language hymns for [...]

It’s Going to Be Alright – A Meditation on John 4:45-54

“Unless you see signs and wonders, you will not believe/Go; your son will live.” Jesus seems a bit put out or maybe a bit miffed at first in this lesson. I mean, the dad asks for something quite [...]

Introduction to Mark 14-16 Part Two

For this week’s Brent Kuhlmann Experience: Introduction to Mark 14-16 Part Two

Commandment 1a – Small Catechism Tuesday

Commandment 1a – Small Catechism Tuesday