Who Was Martin Luther? Part 21

This week we examine the response of Luther’s colleagues and critics to the publication of his Resolutions and other works.

Jesus the Christ – What Does This Mean? #1

Words mean things, even names. The most important name, Jesus The Christ, means a specific thing. When misunderstood it can bring huge burdens, but if properly received it grants eternal peace.


I think it is that people don’t know that in the Divine Service there is something special. More than that – that there is something holy. Better yet – Someone holy.

Catch Me Outside – Gospeled Boldly #46

When storming the tower: don’t forget to look up. In this episode, Pastor Eric Brown and Thomas Lemke read about a thorny problem called Abimelech, the son of Gideon.

Love means more than ignore – The Largely Catechized Life #32

When God calls us to love our neighbor, it’s more than just a list of things we shouldn’t do to them. We’re called to help and support them.

Same sin, different day – The Largely Catechized Life #34

The church tends to focus on the 6th commandment. It feels like the culture is in decay and this is how we push back against it.

I’m no Superman – The Largely Catechized Life #35

Marriage is a good thing. The problem is, youth are usually years from marriage and struggling with sin now.