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The Largely Catechized Life: The Second Commandment

This week on The Largely Catechized Life, Pr. Harrison Goodman takes us through paragraph 3 of the 2nd Commandment in Luther's Large Catechism.

The Largely Catechized Life: Lying by God’s Name

"For to lie and deceive is in itself a great sin, but is greatly aggravated when we attempt to justify it, and seek to confirm it by invoking the name of God and using it as a cloak for shame, so [...]

The Largely Catechized Life: Your dining room is stupid

The Second Commandment isn't "don't use God's name" but "don't misuse God's name." His name is powerful, and when we used for good, good comes from it.

The Largely Catechized Life: God doesn’t care about fair

God isn't concerned with fair. He's concerned with good and evil. Sin is evil. It breaks stuff. When God works good to forgive and heal, that's not fair either.

The Largely Catechized Life: Where the Head is Right

This week on The Largely Catechized Life, Pastor Harrison Goodman teaches us that we don't believe the First Commandment.

The Largely Catechized Life: Jesus for sinners … every single week

God calls us to receive His gifts in word and sacrament each week because we need Jesus every single week.

The Largely Catechized Life: Holiness looks like something

The style, the things that we do, sing, and wear in church matter because help teach us that God's Word is doing something incredible.