St. Michael and All Angels

"And they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb."

The Largely Catechized Life: The Law is Good from a Good God

This week on The Largely Catechized Life, Pastor Harrison Goodman teaches us that the Law is a good thing. It comes from a good God.

Who Was Martin Luther? Part 6

Reflecting on his time in the monastery, Martin said, "I did not think about women, money, or possessions; instead my heart trembled and fidgeted about whether God would bestow his grace on me... [...]

If You Believe, Why Aren’t You Better?

The only off switch for sin is death. So Christ died. In your baptism, you will too. Every single day. Jesus says, "I desire mercy, not sacrifice." Just mercy. It's not your job to conquer sin on [...]

The Largely Catechized Life: Trust in God, Not Yourself

Pastor Harrison Goodman moves into the 4th paragraph on the first commandment in Luther's Large Catechism. He teaches us how we end up making ourselves our own God and trust in ourselves more [...]

The Largely Catechized Life: Our Clever Old Adam and His Gods

This week on The Largely Catechized Life, Pr. Harrison Goodman continues walking us through the 1st commandment. He teaches us about our clever Old Adam and how he breaks the first commandment.

What does it mean and not mean to be forgiven?

What does it mean to be forgiven? What does it not mean? Pr. Borghardt talks about forgiving your neighbor and what it looks like on this week's video.

Is There a God? Does He Exist?

Pr. Borghardt answers questions about the existence of God. Is there a God? Does He exist? You can bet on it.

New Obedience

That's why the teaching on new obedience concludes not with the Law, but with the Gospel. The promise of forgiveness and that promise alone is what creates faith. In faith, that is, in Christ, we [...]

Here I Stand 2017: Conference Registration Opens November 1!

"The Higher Things motto echoes next year's conference theme," said Conference Executive Sandra Ostapowich. "Here I stand. Dare to be Lutheran. We'll look at how we're saved by grace alone, [...]