Can These Bones Live?

The beauty of Easter isn't just that someday God will do something cool. It isn't just that someday things will be better. No--God is active, even when (especially when) I am weak and worn and [...]

Being an Easter People

The key to the Gospel preached by the Apostles was the resurrection; immortality, with glorified bodies, made for the new creation with the Triune God, was what kept the early Christians enduring [...]

Episode 29: Sinful Human Flesh, an Incarnate God, and Scars

But the Church should keep in mine the news that we have a God who put on human flesh and became one of us in Christ Jesus. He showed the disciples His own scars. He gives us His Body and Blood [...]

Do Our Bodies Matter?

You matter, both body and soul. Together, these things make you one. And to take them apart is death. You matter, in the flesh. You matter enough that Jesus gave up everything to pull you out of [...]

Easter: An Unexpected Party

It is important that we never fail to uphold both of these doctrines: the resurrection of Christ and His Body and Blood given to us for the forgiveness of sin. Thankfully, along with that [...]

Every Sunday Is Easter Sunday

From the early days of the church we've worshiped on Sunday morning. Please note that I'm not saying that you can't go to a Saturday night service or anything like that - but very early on in [...]

The First Easter Sermon

So think on this and say it out loud whenever you say the creed -- as if you yourself are beating down Satan under your feet with these words -- He descended into hell. Because in Baptism you are [...]

The Finality of the Cross

"It is finished." These are some of the most profound words in the entirety of Scripture. They are also some of the most difficult to believe. They are the words our sinful flesh hates above all [...]

Given and Shed For You

Maundy Thursday is all about the gracious gifts of God given to you in Word and Sacrament. Outside of the word, outside of Baptism and absolution, outside of the Sacrament of the Altar that grace [...]

Christ Died for Jerks

This is the great thing. Jesus died for all sins. Everyone's sin. That means all my sin. It means everything that my neighbor has done to me, Jesus has died for, too. And thus I see their sin [...]