Psalm 6: Lamentation in Lent

Our tongue and its world of unrighteousness is loosened by the Psalms of lamentation. Psalm 6, the first of seven penitential psalms, is profoundly terrifying yet profoundly comforting. It [...]

Episode 24: Everything We Learned From Sunday School Is (Probably) Wrong

For generations, teaching young people in the church has been centered around imparting information in tidy lessons and examining a young person's ability to recite answers in front of an [...]

I Hope You Fail at Lent

A Lent that points us away from our egos and our sins is a Lent that draws us outside of ourselves and shows us Jesus. He bore your sins and failures, your ego and your death upon a cross. I hope [...]

Good News in The Wreckage

Like the paramedic, your pastor will no longer point out the nearness of death. Instead, God will give him the promise, the good news that heals your sin-riddled body.

No Other Way to Lent

What brought me to Lutheranism was it's Biblical understanding of the means of grace. There I found true comfort and certainty! The Lord's Supper is not some mental act of remembrance of Jesus [...]

No Surprises…For Jesus

How wonderful it is that although we may lose our focus because of shallow contentment, or complacency, or simple forgetfulness that Christ never forgets about us. He went to the cross with you [...]

Episode 23: Spiritual Abuse?

In this world, we have sinners doing sinful things to each other all the time. Sadly, pastors and entire churches are not exempt from using the weight of sin and threats of eternal judgement to [...]

God Has Gifts to Give This Lent

While you are busy this Lent, the gifts of Christ are there for you. When you have every excuse to not to go worship, Christ's gifts are there for you. When you skip a week here or there, the [...]

There’s No “I” in Lent

This Lent, we are free to give something up, and we are free not to. Neither choice makes us righteous; neither choice will make us better in the eyes of God. We all stand as helpless sinners, [...]

Record Breaking Registrations!

The Higher Things Bread® of Life 2016 conferences have broken a record (again!). This summer we will have more attendees than we have ever had! Will you be one of them?