The French Connection: Meditation on Isaiah 27:1-13

The Word, defeats all that intends to frighten, threaten and destroy, for on the cross of Christ He has been victorious.

The Great Thanksgiving

When He brings us to His table, He gathers us to himself, His beloved "given-to." We are called to the party to eat well, to drink and rejoice, to love and serve each other as we have been loved [...]

Episode 12: Gospel-ier and Gospel-ier…?

So often we struggle to feel like we know the Gospel more or believe it better better than we did the day before -- or at least more or better than the next person. But is the Gospel even [...]

A Christian Identity Crisis?

Each of our identities, whether self-made or imposed on us from outside, is as fragile as life. None of them will survive, and there is only one way to avoid an identity crisis-an identity that [...]

Celebrating T-Day in the Christian Faith

In this HT Video Short, Pr. Borghardt teaches us about the Eucharist and how we can celebrate Thanksgiving in the Christian Faith.

HT Video Catechism – Ep. 65b: Christian Questions with Their Answers

The Christian Questions with Their Answers from the Small Catechism. The questions are presented in a way that can be used devotionally to review the questions and answers and prepare for [...]

Holy Marriage

Thus, if a man and woman wish a Christian marriage service, then they are publicly confessing that they do not attribute their fellowship to themselves, do not owe it to their own action and [...]

The Last Day is about Jesus

In this HT Video Short, Pr. George Borghardt teaches us that the Last Day isn't about us being a sheep or a goat, but about Jesus.

2015 Advent and Christmas Reflections Now Available!

Higher Things is pleased to announce the Advent and Christmas Reflections! Covering the season of Advent and the Twelve Days of Christmas, this batch of daily devotions runs from November 29, [...]