The Athanasian Creed – Part 1

The Athanasian Creed confesses the Trinity. Many of the Lutheran Churches will be confessing it in services tomorrow for Trinity Sunday. Pastor Borghardt teaches us what a gift this creed is and [...]

The Hidden Life

Christianity is not a conditional spirituality. It's 100% receptive. You receive every blessing as a gift from God. In the body of Christ, you are the walking dead carrying the promise of [...]

The Spirit Converts Us

"I believe that I cannot believe." It is the Holy Spirit that converts us and creates faith. Not we converting ourselves.

The Fine China of Creation

Indeed, even when women are called the "weaker vessel," this isn't meant to indicate a deficit, instead the phrase expresses that you are the fine china of creation.

Don’t Repay Evil with Evil

Don't repay evil with evil. Christ as taken on all the evil from all time. Our evil and our neighbor's evil.

HT Video Catechism – Ep. 42: The Sacrament of the Altar, Part 2

Pastor Buetow teaches on the Words of Institution. How can Jesus' give us His body and blood to eat and drink? Because that's what His Words say!

Confessions About Confession, Part Two

In my mind, I really only transgressed the Law on a handful of discrete points. The evangelical subculture in which I was raised only stigmatized certain sins and consequently only fetishized [...]

Making Peace Within Our Church

"Peace I leave with you, My Peace I give to you." In this live we're going to have misunderstandings and disagreements in the church. But never can we stop trying to make peace with each other.

Memorial Day and The Freedom to Preach Christ

Today we celebrate Memorial Day in the United States. Memorial Day is important for Lutherans because it gives us the freedom to preach Christ in this Country.