Promises Promises Promises

This week on HTV, Pr. Borghardt talks about New Year's resolutions, our sinfulness, and Christ's atonement for our sin.

HT Video Catechism – Ep. 21: The Creed, Second Article, Part 3

Pastor Buetow teaches on the remainder of the Second Article including Christ's Ascension and Final Coming and the Kingdom of God of which He has made us a part.

HT Video Catechism – Ep. 20: The Creed, Second Article, Part 2

Pastor Buetow teaches on the Second Article of the Creed, highlighting the suffering, death, descent into hell and resurrection of Jesus.

David’s House

"The new is in the old concealed; the old is in the new revealed," is an ancient maxim about the Old and New Testaments attributed to church father, Augustine. Rev. Buetow highlights this [...]

What Happens When Christmas Doesn’t Feel Like Christmas?

This week on HTV, Pr. Borghardt answer the question, "What happens when Christmas doesn't feel like Christmas?" The answer might surprise you.

Te Deum: Seward Conference Is Full

We have reached capacity on the Higher Things "Te Deum" conference in Seward, NE and groups have been moved onto the waiting list.

Te Deum 2015: Grand Rapids 80% Full – Less than 100 Spots at Seward

Registrations for two of the three Higher Things "Te Deum" conferences this summer are quickly reaching capacity! Grand Rapids is over 80% full and Seward is over 90% full — and has fewer than [...]

Communion is for Real

Regardless of your opinion of the movie, Heaven is for Real, it fared well at the box office, but Daniel, especially when reflecting back on his HT conference experiences, rejoices that Communion [...]

Rejoicing Always

This week on HT-V, Pr. Borghardt talks about why he's always happy and the joy we have in Christ Jesus.