That Little Word “Alone”

This week, Pr. Borghardt celebrates Reformation Day by taking a look at the little word “alone.” Faith alone. If you have questions or topics that you’d like discussed on HTV [...]

Reflections for the End of Church Year

Higher Things is pleased to announce the next set of Reflections, carrying us to the End of the Church Year, November 4 through December 1. Pointing us to Christ in these gray and latter days, [...]

Episode 208: October 26th, 2012

[ download lowfi version ] [ download hifi version ] Happy Reformation episode! This week Pr. Borghardt as no voice and kept his echo effect on for the first 40 mins… That leads to some [...]

Bible 101 – Ep. 19: From the Judges to the Kings (Book of Ruth)

In this episode of Bible 101, Pr. Buetow goes through the book of Ruth. He continues to follow God’s Promise in the transition from the Judges to the Kings. If you have questions or topics [...]

The Gospel of Halloween

Rev. Mark Buetow Witches, wizards, skeletons, devils, and superheroes? Never mind that. Let’s get to the candy! As Halloween approaches, many calling themselves Christians will get all worked up [...]

Can Lutherans Celebrate Halloween?

Pr. Borghardt talks about the celebration of Halloween. Where does it come from? Are Lutherans free to Trick or Treat? If you have questions or comments email them to or [...]

Bible 101 – Ep. 18: Judges (No Not Judge Judy)

Bible 101 – Ep. 18: Pr. Buetow goes through the book of Judges. He talks about the time of the Judges where God chose men and women to deliver his people. If you have questions or topics [...]

2012 McHenry Retreat – Nov 9-10th

Information about the November 2012 7 “Christian” Rules that Every Christian Ought to Break as Often as Possible retreat in McHenry, IL.

Art Set Apart

by Kelly Klages A fine artist herself, Kelly masterfully creates a beautiful picture of the role of art in the Lutheran church. Discover its distinct purpose and history as well as how art in [...]

Can a Lutheran Vote for a Mormon?

This week Pr. Borghardt discusses the question of whether a Lutheran can vote for a Mormon or not. If you have questions or topics that you would like discussed on HTV email them to [...]