Episode 200: August 31st, 2012

[ download lowfi version ] [ download hifi version ] During our 200th episode of HT-Radio Pr. Borghardt is ditched by Jon Kohlmeier and joined by Pr. Buetow and Sandra Ostapowich. During the [...]

Back To School… To Serve Your Neighbor

When I was a young lad, I remember a poster showing a luxury home’s garage full of high-end sports cars. The slogan on the poster read, “Justification for Higher Education.” I couldn’t wait to [...]

Episode 199: August 24th, 2012

[ download lowfi version ] [ download hifi version ] Just one episode away from 200! This week Pr. Borghardt wants to assure Pr. Buetow that there is no strife between him and Jon Kohlmeier and [...]

Two Voiceless Prophets

Do you remember the story of David and Bathsheba? David and Bathsheba sinned by committing adultery. The punishment for doing so was death—the man and the woman who were caught in adultery were [...]

Episode 198: August 17th, 2012

[ download lowfi version ] [ download hifi version ] This week we continue going through breakaways from this summer’s TWELVE conferences. This week we talk to Rev. Peter Gregory of St. [...]

From Above 2013

Announcing From Above 2013!

Church is Boring

I would argue that those words make up the single greatest excuse why Christians are increasingly absent from church. “It’s not interesting.” “It doesn’t keep my attention.” “The service [...]

Getting Better at Not Getting Better

Today, Pr. Borghardt answers a follow up question to last week’s question. “What about wanting to do better? Is that tied to guilt?” Pr. Borghardt points us to Christ and [...]

Bible 101 – Ep. 8: Jacob and Sons

This week in Bible 101, Pr. Buetow talks about Jacob and his sons as he continues working his way through the Old Testament. If you have question or topics that you would like discussed on HTV [...]

Episode 197: August 10th, 2012

[ download lowfi version ] [ download hifi version ] In Episode 197 of HT-Radio, Pr. Borghardt and Jon Kohlmeier are joined by Rev. John Drosendahl to go through his breakaway topic from TWELVE, [...]