Episode 180: March 30th, 2012

[ download lowfi version ] [ download hifi version ] Christ processes through Jerusalem headed straight for the Cross. This week on HT-Radio Pr. Borghardt and Jon Kohlmeier are joined by Pr. [...]

Not getting anything out of Church?

Pr. Borghardt answers a question about someone who thinks they don’t get anything from church. He explains that Good Friday is still Good Friday whether you feel like it is or not. If you [...]

Easter 2012 Reflections Available

Reflections for the 2012 Easter Season are now available.

Apologetics Wednesday: The NT is Reliable

Pr. Buetow defends the reliability of the New Testament this week on Apologetics Wednesday. Check out this week’s spotlight article on the same topic at https://dtbl.org/4706. If you have [...]

Text, Typos and Transmission: Why You Can Trust the New Testament

Rev. Mark Pierson I remember when it first dawned on me that there might be “problems” with the New Testament. As I casually flipped through the red-lettered words of Jesus in my parents’ [...]

No Words are Impossible with God

On March 25th we celebrate the Feast of the Annunciation. This week Pastor Borghardt talks about this day and how it is all about Jesus for you. If you have questions or topics you would like [...]

Apologetics Issue is FREE Online

Higher Things announces the "Apologetics Issue" of Higher Things Magazine, Spring 2012.

Episode 179: March 23rd, 2012

[ download lowfi version ] [ download hifi version ] Judica week on HT-Radio! First Pr. Brent Kuhlman of Trinity Lutheran Church in Murdock, NE walks us through the Old Testament Reading. He [...]

Worship by the Gospel

Pr. Borghardt answers a question about how to explain how Lutherans believe that God serves us in the Divine Service not us serving God. If you have questions or topics that you would like [...]

Apologetics Wednesday: “No Apologies” Apologetics

Pr. Buetow continues his Apologetics Wednesdays by talking about the Augsburg Confession. Check out the Apologetics Issue of Higher Things Magazine at https://dtbl.org/4687. If you have questions [...]