Rev. Rich Heinz 1 Peter 2:1-12 In the Name of the Father and of the +Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. So how do you feel this morning, as you stand before God? Feeling pretty good about [...]

Episode 149: August 26th, 2011

[ download lowfi version ] [ download hifi version ] Just one week before the 150th episode Pr. Borghardt and Jon Kohlmeier continue to Dare to be Lutheran and have fun while doing it! This week [...]

Trinity 11 – 16 Reflections

Higher Things is pleased to announce that the Reflections for the weeks of Trinity 11 - Trinity 16 are now available! These daily devotions cover the time of September 4, 2011 - October 15, 2011.

Coram Deo: Homily for Friday Matins

Rev. William Weedon Isaiah 42:7-9; 1 Peter 2:1-12 Your mommy told you: Be nice and share. And you didn’t like it one little bit. It gave you pain as a little one to see someone else having [...]

Dare to Be Lutheran: November 11-12, 2011

Information on the Dare to Be Lutheran Retreat in Kansas City, November 2011.

Episode 148: August 19th, 2011

[ download lowfi version ] [ download hifi version ] We spend some time on everyone’s favorite Bible Study topic this week. Pr. George Borghardt and Jon Kohlmeier are joined by the Boss [...]

Coram Deo: Thursday Vespers

Rev. Marcus T. Zill St. Mark 2:1-12 In the name of Jesus. Amen. There was a buzz. It was a sold out packed house. Standing room only. Jesus was back in town. The people were flocking to hear him [...]

Something about Baptism – November 11-12, 2011

Information on the November 2011 retreat, Something about Baptism, in McHenry, IL.

Coram Deo: Thursday Matins

Rev. Brent Kuhlman Matthew 3:13-17 Well, there you are! Man alive, it’s really good to see you again! Where have you been Jesus? We’d lost track of you. It’s been eighteen years since we’ve last [...]

Episode 147: August 12th, 2011

[ download lowfi version ] [ download hifi version ] This week on HT-Radio, we look at two more breakaways that were presented at this summer’s Coram Deo Conferences. During the first half [...]