Episode 48: July 31, 2009

In a post-Grand Rapids conference episode Pastor Borghardt will interview the conference organist and choir director, Chris Loemker. Pastor Borghardt will also interview Pastor William Cwirla, [...]

Sola Powered

by The Rev. Rich Heinz This year several people found joy in quoting Pastor Mark Buetow, saying that at Higher Things, we emphasize the “Three W’s”: Worship, Word, and … Fun (?) No matter how you [...]

By Grace I’m Saved!

Now that we're all back home and settled in after exciting weeks in San Antonio and Grand Rapids for this year's Sola conferences you might be wondering... What's next?  Well, there's next year [...]

Prescription for those Post-Conference Blues!

by The Rev. Mark Buetow So long to Sola! The Conferences are over. School looms on the horizon. You're back at home and you miss all the friends you saw and met at the Higher Things Conference [...]

Reflections for August 2 through September 5, 2009 Now Available

Higher Things presents the next set of Daily Reflections for August 2 through September 5, 2009. These Daily Reflections will deliver Christ crucified and Christ giving His gifts through the [...]

Episode 47: July 24, 2009

Live from Sola in Grand Rapids, MI Pastor Borghardt is joined by Chris Loemker (music director for Sola 2009), Rev. William Cwirla (president of Higher Things), Rev. Rich Heinz (chaplain for Sola [...]

Episode 46: July 17, 2009

Pastor Borghardt recaps and reviews the Sola in San Antonio Conference and then tunes in with Pastor Duane Bamsch and Pastor Mark Buetow to cover conference highlights. [ download lowfi version ] [...]

Episode 45: July 10, 2009

Live from Sola in San Antonio with Pastors William Cwirla and Brent Kuhlman. The kids ask questions, and they answer – see how they handle the hot seat! [ download lofi version ] [ download [...]

Episode 44: July 7, 2009

In the episode just before Sola, Pastor Borghardt will interview Stan Lemon the Higher Things Webmaster and tech-guru on the latest and greatest from Michael Bay, Transformers: Revenge of the [...]

Revenge of the Fallen

Two years ago Transformers came out and swept the box offices raking in millions of dollars and reintroducing a Hasbro toy from the generation before to today's kids.  The movie was nothing short [...]