Episode 39: May 29, 2009

Pentecost Reflections Now Available

HT is pleased to announce the next set of Reflections for 2009 "Pentecost and the Trinity Season Part 1" are now available. Written by The Rev. Duane Bamsch, Pastor of Evangelists Lutheran Church [...]

Episode 38: May 22, 2009

The “Missing Link”: Still Missing the Gospel

by The Rev. Mark Buetow Scientists this week announced that they've found what they call the "missing link." No, it's not a problem on our website. It's a cute little animal fossil named "Ida" [...]

Episode 37: May 15, 2009

Episode 36: May 8, 2009

In Your Face, Death!

by The Rev. Mark Buetow Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia! Hallelujah! Booyah! Jesus died for our sins but then came back to life, rose again on the third day. The Easter season is a [...]

Episode 35: May 1, 2009