Amen, Come Lord Jesus!

by The Rev. David Kind It’s kind of cool that now that we have come to the end of our week together at this conference, we also have a reading from the very end of the Bible. But coming to the [...]

The Shepherd Lives, Amen!

by The Rev. Eric Andrae In the name of + Jesus. Jesus once spoke this parable to the Pharisees: “What man of you, having a hundred sheep, if he loses one of them, does not leave the ninety-nine [...]


by Sandra Ostapowich The way we dress communicates something about us, doesn’t it? Some professions have ways of dressing that identify people as having certain vocations. Whether they are [...]

Unconditional Love from THE Baby: Christ and the “So Called” Pregnancy Pact

by Jon Townsend In Gloucester, MA at the local high school there was a sharp increase in the number of pregnancies amongst the students – four times higher than normal. This sparked a debate [...]

Announcing: Sola!

Announcing the 2009 SOLA conferences.

Jesus Doesn’t Know What He’s Doing?!

by The Rev. Rich Heinz When it comes to fishing, Jesus doesn’t know what He’s doing! Fish are more easily caught in the evening, or at least before the sun rises. Here is Jesus in broad [...]

Why Make the Sign of the Cross?

by The Rev. John M. Dreyer "Why make the sign of the cross, isn't that Roman Catholic?" was a common expression I heard when I was in the parish. I responded first by mentioning that Luther's [...]

An Incredible Cinema Resurrection

by Stan “the Incredible” Lemon Back on the screen after five years, the Hulk returns. This time, he is incredible with an all-star lineup, a plot and some fairly decent acting. Five years ago [...]

Higher Hymnody: Sing Alleluia! Amen!

by The Rev. Rich Heinz Thirty-four years ago, the Rev. Dr. Martin Franzmann pondered these words from the historic Epistle for the Resurrection of Our Lord. As the Lord blessed his imagination, [...]

Freed from Judgment

by The Rev. Aaron A. Koch I'm sure many of you have had the experience of hearing your voice recorded on tape and saying, "I sound like that?! That doesn't sound like me." Or you've seen [...]