Christ on Campus Volunteer Applications

If you are interested in serving as a Christ on Campus Volunteer (CCV) at one of this summer's Amen conferences but you haven't applied yet, you are encouraged to do so quickly!

Jesus does the unthinkable!

by The Rev. Brent Kuhlman The way Jesus works is so, so, scandalous.  Jesus does the unthinkable.  The outrageous.  He dares to speak to a woman in public.  That's strike one.  She's a [...]

A Day in Kibera, Kenya

by The Rev. Mark E. Sell In a few months, the citizens of the United States will elect a new president. Are you afraid? Does the idea of a close race make you worry about your home being burnt [...]


by the Rev. Richard Heinz Rev. Grant A Knepper recently leaked the latest celebrity registrant for Amen. In a comment on Renaldo Lapuz having registered, Pastor Knepper left a comment that [...]

Internet Services Executive

Higher Things is excited to announce that a familiar face on your website will be a permanent fixture for years to come.  The Rev. Mark Buetow, formerly the "interim" Internet Services Executive, [...]

New Business Executive

Higher Things is pleased to announce that Mrs. Connie Brammeier has joined us to be our new Business Executive.

Crazy Days and Crazy Hair

by Kimberly Grams A few months ago when I heard about Cashmere Mafia (Wednesdays on ABC) and Lipstick Jungle (Thursdays on NBC), I thought “Cool! That’s an article!” Both are basically the same [...]

“God’s Silence and His Speaking”

by the Rev. Todd A. Peperkorn Silence. Complete and utter silence. That was Jesus’ response to her. Her daughter was terribly vexed with a demon, a horror we can only imagine. She was at her [...]

Conference Math

With just nine days remaining in the regular registration period, two-thirds of the 2008 Higher Things conferences are more than fifty-percent to capacity!

What’s Next? Higher Things, Of Course!

The members of the Corinthian congregation were prone to play favorites. “I belong to Paul; I belong to Cephas; I belong to Apollos.” We all do that, at least, the old Adam in us does - we put [...]