Jesus Ruins Funerals

by The Rev. Randy Asburry Did you know that Jesus ruined every funeral that He ever attended? Consider what we just heard. As Jesus approaches the city of Nain, He meets a funeral procession. [...]

Sixth Annual Christ on Campus Staff Conference

We are pleased to announce that the Sixth Annual Christ on Campus Staff Conference will be held next summer in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Trinity Part IV Reflections Now Available! (St. Michael’s Tide)

As we continue through the Church Year, the Lord's Word continues to declare Jesus FOR YOU. The Scriptures and Catechism for each day declare Christ's forgiveness FOR YOU. Even as Summer [...]

Higher Movies: Vocation in Westerns: High Noon and 3:10 to Yuma

by the Rev. Charles Lehmann It wasn't until just a few years ago that I saw "High Noon." I'd heard that it was one of the greatest westerns of all time, but I wasn't that interested in seeing [...]

The Holy Cross — For You!

by The Rev. Rich Heinz The need was even more apparent for the FOR YOU conferences: something was needed to give an ecclesial sense – a churchly feel – to the concert hall in Minneapolis and the [...]

Global Warming? No need to get hot and bothered!

by The Rev. Mark Buetow This whole "global warming" thing is starting to bother me. Not because the earth is getting warmer, which I suppose it is, but because "global warming" is being turned [...]

Arranged Marriages: Are You Serious?!

Does everyone actually agree with the “matchmaker,” and just won’t admit it in front of their peers? Or are “all y’all” (that’s for Pr. Borghardt) afraid of contradicting our good friend and [...]

Boyfriends and Girlfriends

by The Rev. Rick Stuckwisch "It may sound crazy to 21st century ears, but maybe the arranged marriages of the past weren't such a bad idea."   What?!  Is Pastor Stuckwisch serious?!  Perhaps you [...]