Need a Ride to MN?

Attention Minneapolis FOR YOU conference-goers! A group coming to Minneapolis from the St. Louis area has extra room in their bus if any stragglers still need transportation. If you’re [...]

Review: Soul Searching by Christian Smith

by Karen Gabriel With so many books on "youth ministry" available today, it's often difficult to decide which ones to pick up and which ones to leave on the shelf. If you are interested in [...]

Trinity: Apostle’s Tide Reflections Now Available

During the Trinity Season, the church continues to hear of the work of the Triune God shown in the Son’s work as true God and true man in Jesus Christ. These Reflections, which continue to [...]

Pre-Conference Lockin in Kearney, MO

A Pre-Conference Lockin is being held at Trinity Lutheran Church in Kearney, MO on June 29th. All are welcome to attend! The lockin will be held from 7:00pm until 7:00am the following morning. [...]

Pastoral Predictions of Potter’s Predicaments

by The Rev. Matthew Ruesch So I've read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for the fifth time, in preparation for the movie of the same name on July 11th. And I've given away all my [...]

What is God’s Will for My Life?

by The Rev. Rich Heinz “What do you want to do when you graduate?” “What career would you like to pursue?”  Questions like these are asked of teens and college students all the time.  In fact, [...]

Calling All Writers!

Are you an aspiring writer? Have you ever been interested in putting together an article for Higher Things Magazine? Before you put pen to paper, check out our new, updated list of potential [...]

Sample Medical Release Form FOR YOU

Many groups attending the For You conferences this summer have asked for a medical release form to use for the trip. Higher Things does not require a medical release form for our records of each [...]

Check out what’s new on myHT!

myHT is always changing, and we’re always posting new content – and today we have three new articles for you! If you haven’t already, you should consider making myHT your [...]