Higher Things Appoints Interim Magazine Editor

At its meeting in July, the Board of Directors for Higher Things appointed Pastor Tim Pauls as the new interim executive editor of Higher Things Magazine, succeeding Pastor Todd Peperkorn who [...]

Reflections: St. Lawrence/Martyrs’ Tide (Part 2)

“Fully knowing that he might be arrested and killed, John didn’t hesitate to proclaim the truth of the law to Herod. Only through repentance could Herod be prepared for the Christ who was [...]

Internet Services Bunker

Ever since the Feast, we’ve had many request for more information concerning the headquarters of Higher Things, Internet Services.  What exactly goes on in the HT Internet Service [...]

Six New Christ on Campus Chapters

Dear everyone, I am pleased to announce that we have recently added six new Christ on Campus Chapters, bringing the Christ on Campus Chapter network to seventeen. The new Christ on Campus [...]

“The Jesus I Need”

There are two popular views of Jesus. One sees Him only as a towering judge, ready to condemn the world and gleefully watch as it burns in Hell. The other stands in stark contrast, viewing Him as [...]

Congrats: Nathan & Katie!

Meet the Fischers!  This is Nathan Fischer and his beautiful bride, Katie.  They were married on Saturday, August 5, 2006.  Aren’t they just a beautiful couple? Nathan serves as a copy [...]

Thank You! Thank You!

We know there are a variety of youth gathering events that church youth groups can choose to be a part of, so we at Higher Things would like to thank YOU for making The Feast our most successful [...]

Reformation Lock-In!

HT Founder Turns OLD!

Forty years ago today, one of our beloved founders and the coordinator of our first (“Dying to Live”) and most recent conference (the Feast) was born. To celebrate our Christ on Campus [...]

Pictures from The Feast

Thanks to everyone who has supplied us with pictures from their week at The Feast. Check out the gallery here. Have fun looking through all of these pics, and please feel free to send us some [...]