HT-U: Retreats and the Web

Our look at the HT-U Sectionals at The Feast continues with a short examination of “HT-U:  Retreats and the Web.” You love Higher Things and don’t miss a conference.  [...]

Cancellations, Substitutions, Changes…

Dear everyone, We are pleased to say that we are nearing completion of the housing assignments for The Feast. Along the way we have received a few notes about various changes, substitutions, and [...]

About Internet Services

Internet Services is proud to share with you a new page under our “About” section. This page includes a staff listing for Internet Services with some brief pictures and bio’s of [...]

Liturgically Speaking:
A Guide to the Services at The Feast

As always, our life in worship together is the highlight of our conferences. The Feast promises to be no different! On behalf of our worship committee, and especially Dr. Richard Stuckwisch, our [...]

The Apostles’ Tide (Holy Trinity) Reflections

Dear Saints of God, As we continue through the season of Holy Trinity, we are brought through the Apostles’ Tide in the Higher Things Reflections by the Rev. Rick Sawyer. Pastor Sawyer [...]

HT-U: Development

Our first look at the HT-U Sectionals at the Feast is the HT-U Developement Breakaway…. Do you think Higher Things is the best thing that has happened in youth ministry in a long time?  Do [...]

“HT-U” Sectionals

At Dare to be Lutheran, you told us that you wanted to know more about Higher Things.  Evaluation after evaluation was filled with , “Teach us to do youth ministry the HT-way.”  Our [...]

Lemon Fresh!

Meet the Lemons!  Congrats to Stan and Sara!  We love you guys! Check out the sermon here… In Christ, Rev. George F. Borghardt III Internet Services Executive

Don&#;t Miss Out on the All New Christian Writer’s Workshop!

Are you a young Lutheran who enjoys the written word? Have you ever thought of writing for Higher Things magazine but just didn’t know where to start or what to write about? Do you sometimes even [...]

The FEAST Waiting List Process is Now Over

Dear everyone, The waiting list period for The Feast has officially concluded. We have simply reached the point where we have allowed all the groups in that we possibly can. We also don’t [...]