An HT Reformation

In remembrance of the Festival of the Reformation, Higher Things Internet Services is proud to gift you with a Higher Things Reformation. After three years our web site is getting a face lift. [...]

The Feast – Registration!

Would your pastor do THIS to help your group get to “The Feast?” Registration opens November 15! Start planning today!

Higher Movies: Serenity

Serenity: Good ole’Sci-Fi with a New Twist I just saw Serenity last night.  This movie is kind of the culmination of a minor sci-fi cult following in a series called Firefly.  There are fan [...]

“Higher” Movies: Batman Begins

We’ve been trying new things on the HT webpage.  In fact, we want you to have something new every time you visit! So, we’re going to take our own stab at reviewing movies.  Always [...]

HT Media!

One of the cool things that we’ll be adding to the Higher Things website is media!  We’ll be achieving your favorite HT authors on Issues, Etc., in sermons, and podcasting our Daily [...]

The Feast is Online!

Dear everyone, October 15th has arrived and, as promised, The Feast is now online! Check out the 2006 conference web page at: Download Registration Forms and Pre-Conference [...]

Pastor Peperkorn’s Busy Week!

Our Executive Editor, Pastor Todd Peperkorn, has been a very busy man lately!  He presented at the Lutherans in God’s Word (LiGW) workshop at Memorial Lutheran Church in Houston, Texas on [...]